Towards the Day after Today

Under the 'Sustainable Development Goals' (SDGs), a declaration of the UN to create a sustainable future and international cooperation for a common solution, a series of 17 photographs of Czech artist, David Těšínský and augmented reality (AR) pictograms produced by the Czech Cultural Center are being presented. FRONT KIT in charge of branding in this exhibition conducted the main graphic design, space design, and executed planning, production and installation of the Block Zone and the video art.

Client: KF Gallery
Creative Direction: Min Ah Hong
Art Direction: Yun Woo Shin
Design: Hyeok Kim, Jung In Lee, Ga Bin Kim
Motion Graphic: Hyeok Kim
Music Composition: Min Gi Hong
Participation: Seon Hee Na, Ji Young Byun
Photo: Ga Bin Kim

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