"Intense Difference Of Its Own"
60 Years of Korea-Canada Relations

An exhibition commemorating the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Canada, co-hosted by the Korea Foundation and the Canadian Embassy in Korea, will be held at KF Gallery, Seoul, South Korea from June 19th to August 12th. 70 works of disabled artists representing both countries will be displayed.

Front Kit, in charge of the graphic identity and exhibition space design, reflected the hopeful and constructive message of when different shapes meet and connect to form a big picture, instead of focusing on individual differences, in the graphic identity.

*Source: Korea Foundation for International Relations

Client: Korea Foundation (한국국제교류재단)
Creative Direction: Min Ah Hong
Art Direction: Yun Woo Shin
Design Lead: Jung In Lee
Design: Ga Bin Kim, Hyeok Kim
Printing: Daewoong Printing
Installation: Sundesign Factory, Chill Factory, AB Company
Photo: Ga Bin Kim

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