Deodeok, distributed in East Asia, is only used for food in Korea, and its value is not renowned. “Deodeokmong” was created as a ‘game changer’ who discovers and promote many types of deodeok product.

Frontkit developed the naming, logo, master graphic, and brand copy for “Deodeokmong” and is responsible for the design and construction of its space. The logo and design symbolizing the dream of deodeok were completed by using the symbol of a bundle of deodeok and a graphic symbolizing diversity. We support the vision of Deodeokmong, which soon will open its off-line space.

Agency: FRONT KIT 
Creative Direction: Min Ah Hong
Art Direction & Design: Yun Woo Shin
Naming / Storytelling: Min Gi Hong
Design: Jung In Lee, Hyeok Kim, Ga Bin Kim
Photo: Ga Bin Kim

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