Dear Seohaean

Front Kit developed the Verbal and Visual Identity of “2022 Dear SeoHaeAn” along with its communication strategies.
The title and the storytelling suggests’ friendly attitudes’ toward Seohaean, the West Sea Shore of Korean Peninsula in order to build familiarity and emotional connections that will eventually motivate people to protect the precious sea and numerous marine lives. This approach was applied to the verbalization and visualization of the specialty of Seohaean including the fascinating sunset, vast mud flats, and the sea.

Client: Chungnam Innovation Center
Agency: FRONT KIT, Mercurial
Creative Direction: Min Ah Hong
Verbal Identity: Min Gi Hong 
Art Direction: Goeun Park
Design: Goeun Park, Yun Woo Shin, Hyeok Kim, Min Ah Hong
Motion: Riwon Kim
Story & Copywriting: Min Gi Hong

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