BLUE DRAGON MONEY-HOLDER CARD wishes your happiness and success!
In ancient Korea, 'Blue' meant 'birth of life' and 'East' meant the 'source of light’, and the blue dragon was considered the Guardian of the East and the symbol of good fortune. Thus, this card could be all encouragement, gratitude, and greetings needed at various moments in our lives.

The dragon’s unique graphic was designed to accommodate cards or money, and the red hologram was added to provide contrast in color and texture. Its message card contains a poem wishing for a bright future. On its envelope, clouds were expressed with silver pixel dots, and were cut to match the shape. Consequently, the blue dragon walking on layered clouds was completed. 

Creative Direction: Min Ah Hong
Art Direction & Design: Yun Woo Shin
Design: Hyeok Kim, Min Gi Hong
Participation: Sunny Na, Jung In Lee, Ga Bin Kim
Photo: Ga Bin Kim

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